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Cash Cab

Posted in Others on August 31, 2008 by au13

 This is one of my favorite game shows in the world. I found it in the Discovery Channel. The concept is very unique, very exciting and very New York. Unsuspecitng passengers get into a regular looking cab in the city. Then the driver revelas that they are in a game show and they could earn cash whil they are being driven to their destination. They must answer the general trivia questions and theye arn $25, $50 or $100, depending on how hard the question is. When you reach your destination without making 3 mistakes, you get to keep the cash amount you’ve accumulated. When you reach 3 strikes, you get out of the cab. It has basic game show rules such as lifelines, you can call a friend or shout out on the street to ask someone for help.  What makes it interesting is that the driver is so funny and the New yorkers itself are soo much fun. No matter what color they are or whether rich or not, male or female, they are all willing to play the game and have a little cash. And they amaze me coz they are pretty smart with some of the hardest questions and the ending is always awesome to watch as they get out of the cab triumphantly with their money. Its the most exciting 40 blocks these passengers ever had. Go check it out. Youll see what I mean.

Calvin Klein Bras

Posted in Clothing on August 31, 2008 by au13

Got it from Costco. $26 for 2 bras. One nude and one black. Hey thats $13 each. Not bad. Its a push up padded bra. Its actually very comfy to wear and it fits me well. The only thing I havent tested is if itll survive machine wash. But like I said, its not bad for an everyday bra.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fragance Set

Posted in Fragrance on August 31, 2008 by au13

Ive been using Incanto Charms for a while now. I absolutely love it. I havent tried the other scents but i probably will when Charms run out. And this set from Sephora is definitely a good idea when you just wanted to try It. It also looks good as a collection. And a really cool gift for someone. Hope theyll still have it till christmas. Its only $30 on Sephora.

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream

Posted in Food on August 31, 2008 by au13

The title itself makes you salivate and eating it is just heavenly. Its from Haagen Dazs and it is the best 5 bucks youll ever spend on a comfort food. I think I ate half a pint the first time because I loved it. Its a white chocolate ice ceam with chunks of chocolate truffle fudge and raspberry. NOthing much to say but go try it, you wont regret!

Light Blue

Posted in Fragrance on August 31, 2008 by au13

By Dolce and Gabbana. Its one of my favorite scents. I actually havent bought a replacement because I still have tons of fragrances I wanted to finish before buying another one. It smells like a heavenly, floral musk but its very light on the nose. Not too strong. It also long lasting. I also like the male version of the scent. Maybe ill get my husband next time.  The most special memory I have of it is when I gave it to my sister in law when she’s about to get married. I asked her if she has something new (her shoes), something borrowed (jewelry), and something old (she replied – her husband hahaha!). So I said. Perfect I have something blue for you. Which is this perfume called Light blue. And she wore it during her wedding. I definitely recommend it.


Posted in Food on August 31, 2008 by au13

I cannot believe that up until now, I havent had any entry on one of my most favorite things in the world. FOOD. Im quite embarrassed to say that I learned about this product from Kris Aquino when she mentioned this is her favorite. Anywho……. Nutella is a hazelnut cream spread. Kinda like a peanut butter but instead of peanut, they use hazelnut. They a bit of milk and cocoa and voila! it tastes like chocolate. I fell in love with it the minute i tasted it. I love chocolates and it took me 5 seconds to recognize where I have tasted this kind of chocolate. FERRERO ROCHER!!! it is exactly the same filling they put inside that lovely chocolate. And i later found out that Nutella is made by Ferrero. Anyway Ive been eating it just by itself. NO bread needed lol. I take spoonfuls of it and lick the spoon clean. Its definitely yummy.

Cuddly Comfort Pillows

Posted in Others on August 31, 2008 by au13

I saw this product while shopping at Costco with my mom. It comes in a set of 2 and it is just the cuddliest pillow ever. The texture is as soft as a teddy bear and you just want to run your hand/fingers over it. The pillow isnt fully filled and structured and im pretty sure its bad for the neck. Its purpose is really just to be hugged. Like a secuurity blanket for kids but for adults also.  Just watch out for the product number because theres a recall on some products that possibly contains metal debris due to a malfunction in the manufacturing process. Other than that, Ive been using it and hugging it every night. Ill definitely take it with me when i travel also.

Volkswagen GTI

Posted in Others on August 17, 2008 by au13

My new car. That is, if the financing works out ok. They found the last one that I wanted in Massachussets and it is now being tranported to NY. I am getting the 4 door, 6 speed manual transmission, Autobahn package (black leather and sunroof). Its got 200hp at least, I am getting it in white (no choice- last leather 4 door car in 2008 model in the whole eastern seaboard). I gotta have the last one. Even if its turning out to be more expensive that I thought but I know buying this car would be for the best. The GTI has a good mpg ratio and it doesnt drink gas when its on idle. My Mustang is killing me everyday with the gas consumption. Being a 2 door isnt practical either. Having a heavy body tires me out after a whole day of driving it. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE MY CAR, i am saddened to have to let it go. But it is just not practical anymore. Whats the point of having a nice car if you can’t drive it everyday. And the good thing about the GTI is that, for insurance purposes it is not considered a sports car. (yey my insurance would go down) But my husband will definitely not let me downgrade to a car that has no kick. So I think I will be happy with it. Ive done Americans, and now Im into Europeans. Still an upgrade. Go V-dub!

Louis Vuitton Organizer

Posted in Books on August 17, 2008 by au13

Would my life be a whole lot easier if Im using this organizer? Sure, Its nice and fancy and I am absolutely in love with it. But I wish it also comes with magic to make my life better in regards to my schedules and things to do for the day. Maybe I would be inspired to keep my schedules in track If im using this lol. Oh well, its only free to dream. This costs about $450. And I saw it last week while my mother in law was shopping at Louis Vuitton. She committed the greatest sin in the world. She bought 3 bags (it was her birthday) worth $3500. LOL. She bought everything she liked within her budget and we drove the saleslady crazy. I asked my mother in law to put me in her will for her bags :P lol I cant wait for my birthday.

Never Let Them See You Shine

Posted in Skincare on August 17, 2008 by au13

This collection is form Philosophy. Supposedly their anti-shine, oil control cleanser and it also comes in  a scrub. ($20 each). Which is just perfect because that the only things I need to replace. But then I have this stupid idea that things work better if you use the same brand in everything. So far, i am not wooed by the moisturizers of Philosophy even though they came out with an Spf daytime moisturizer. So im probably sticking to my Lancome Day Moisturizer. So now when my Garnier moisturizers are out (I still have night cream and eye cream) then Ill start looking for a different brand. For now, Ill just try out this one from Philosophy. Its definitely much cheaper than the Shiseido skin care.


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