Harajuku Lovers

To finish off the Japanese trend in my shopping finds, Harajuku Lovers is also a brand that I find very catchy. Its a product line by Gwen Stefani inspired by a place in Japan where the youth displays their taste in fashion. Though I’m not very fond of bold and colorful designs, I hoped that someday Harajuku will come up with a compromising, neutral color or design that can be versatile everywhere. Something that matches anything and any ocassion. and Voila! Its a Medium sized Black Satchel that simply has a Harajuku symbol with a red interior. Very simple and very perfect timing when I saw it (my husband and I were fighting thru text messages and I needed something to make me feel good). It was the holidays so I got another 15% off at Macy’s. But while on vacation, I gave it to my best friend just because I wanted her to have a new bag. I loved it so much, but I love her too like a sister. So I just prayed that they still have it at the mall by the time i go back to the states. Surely, the day I arrived, I went straight to the mall, jetlag and all, and found that they still have one. THE last one. I guess it was really meant for me.


Click here


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