Garnier Nutritioniste

In beauty forums, they call it a holy grail when you’ve found the perfect cosmetics or skin care for you. It took me about a month to figure out what HG mean in their posts. And right around that time I started using Garnier Nutritionist products. It was advertised by Sarah Jessica Parker and I got curious. I tried their cleansers, serums, make up remover, night cream, eye cream and daily moisturizer (ha! it is quite expensive too but I wanted to try it). So far, everything worked out great, Ive been using it for months and there clearly has an improvement with my skin. After all the torture I do to it and my occasional acne, lack of sleep and cheap cosmetics (not anymore) have all made my skin look haggard.  But with Garnier, my skin has become smooth again (I swear I started seeing wrinkles months ago).  It improved the hydration especially in winter. Their cleansers are average but the moisturizers are easily absorbed and you wake up with really nice skin in the morning. My favorites were the eye cream and night cream. Now I don’t look too old to be mistaken as my husband’s older sister.

But since I’m running out of my supply, I’m thinking of trying a new line. I’m so tempted with all the skincare products I haven’t tried out there. Especially the Philosophy Skincare line. But then again, why fix something if it ain’t broke. By the way, I’m also using their hair products. I’m not too passionate about it, but it works too. I just like seeing all the same products in the bathroom. Its like a collection.


Garnier Nutritioniste


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