My First

My husband knows I spend hours and hours online browsing the nicest bags I can never own. My favorite sites are the official sites of Burberry, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. And since we’re not doing anything this weekend, I asked him to take me to a mall where I can see the bags in person. It was snowing in the isolated outlet mall in Pennsylvania, 2 hours from New York, but I was the happiest camper in the world. I was surrounded my discounted bags from Coach and Burberry. So I found a nice bag in Coach, quite affordable but I wanted to check Burberry first. Thats when I saw this bag but knew I cant afford it. My husband tells me its a waste of time to come all the way there just to look at it and urged me to buy it. I dont feel I deserve to shop yet, but its so hard to let go of the deal. I will never find it at that price. So I got it. I’ll just drop my tax refund on it when the bill comes.

Let me tell you about the bag, I love it. Its my first expensive and authentic designer bag. Its the classic and stylish Burberry tote that fits all the things I need in a day. I hate the thought of buying a small expensive bag where you cant put anything in it. So I was debating whether I buy the small special occasion bag, or the big everyday bag. I chose the big one for the same price. Although now Im not sure if I’ll use it everyday because its too special lol. But if you know the real me, whether its $20 or $700, I’ll make sure I enjoy every dollar I paid for it. It is now considered to be one of those things that makes me smile everyday I go to work. Thats not very many. LOL


Burberry Haymarket Check Tote


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