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MAC Select Moisturecover

Posted in Cosmetics on March 29, 2008 by au13

Most of the concealers I buy have the highest coverage to hide the blemishes and scars. These are usually thick and I can’t use it on my under eye circles when there are times that Im lacking sleep even if Im using the Garnier Anti-Fatigue Eye cream every night. So when I saw a youtuber use this, I was dying to buy it and try it. And now, I use it everyday. Coverage is nice and fine lines disappear -you just have to pick the right color (the first one i bought was too dark – i looked like i have a black eye). Its very light, creamy and moisturizing in the eye. I definitely love putting it on even if I’m just at home.




Lancome Aqua Fusion Continuous Infusing Moisturizer

Posted in Skincare on March 29, 2008 by au13

I normally use the Garnier Moisturizer after washing my face. But I still need another moisturizer to put in my make up bag because I use it to dilute the liquid foundation from MAC. So since the idea is much like as my tinted moisturizer, I bought the Lancome Aqua Fusion, from the same line of my tinted moisturizer which I know works well with my skin in keeping moisture yet keeping the oils down. Its very light and I love the smell as well.



Urban Decay

Posted in Cosmetics on March 26, 2008 by au13

Eyeshadow Primer Potion – I have seen many youtubers use this product. And it actually works. Costs about $16 and the first time I used it, I remember timing it how long the eyeshadows would last. And like magic, it lasted until nighttime. As perfect as it was when I first applied it. It definitely held the liner and shadow despite the weather and accidental smudging. So happy with this product.


EyeLash Primer and Waterproofer – Nothing special about it. Just the fact that it allows you to use your current mascara and makes it last longer. The primer part extends your eyelash by adding those tiny fibers. Then you put your own mascara. After that you waterproof it so it lasts longer. I dont use it everyday because it takes about 2 precious minutes for the whole procedure, which you just cant afford to lose in your busy mornings.


Eyeshadow Transforming Potion – Turns your eyeshadow into a liner or a wet eyeshadow. Theory is that wet eyeshadow clings on your skin longer versus the powder one. But this product makes it easier and more effective than a regular brush dipped in water. The strange thing though is when I used it, there was a little sting in my eye. It was very warm as it dries out. It was gone eventually, just a little weird and scary at first to feel that sensation. I will need to use it more to formulate a more detailed review.


MAC Haul

Posted in Cosmetics on March 26, 2008 by au13

In the past few days, I have been the unstoppable shopaholic for cosmetics. I grew up being surrounded by mom and aunties who only use Clinique, Estee Lauder or Lancome. And in my cosmetic quests Ive never actually wandered off on other brands in the mall. Until my best friend suggested that MAC is almost the same price as Clinique but they have more variety. So I checked it out and I basically bought something from each category.

Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation – I finally cave in and gave my tinted moisturizer a little rest. Because let’s admit it, there are times/occasions when you need to use a real foundation that lasts. This liquid foundation  leaves your skin dewy looking. Not shiny but radiant. Its got tiny sparkles which I love versus the flat mask-like foundation. Although, I would never wear it purely as it is. I always mix this foundation with a moisturizer to dilute the thickness of the liquid. Same idea as the tinted moisturizer but with more coverage.



Studio Fix Powder – I’ve tried powder foundations before such as mineral make up. I’ve always thought it makes my skin look cakey and flat. Most of all, makes my skin look dry like a chalkboard. But my best friend recommended this product from MAC and I got curious so I tried it. Used moisturizer, primer and then applied the powder with a brush. Very little of it. At first it looks very matte, but then when my skin finally accepted it, it looked kinda natural. And it lasts long, very little touch up needed. Its ok, but im not too crazy about it. Good when youre in a hurry and have no time for the liquid foundation ritual.


Studio Finish Concealer – Finally, a concealer that matches my skin color. MAC offers so many levels of each color to satisfy every skin type. Its has good coverage for scars and blemishes but its too thick when it comes to the undereye circles. Maybe I should get the ‘Select Moisture Cover’ for that purpose. But this product works well with my skin. No complaints.


Blot Powder- I use this finishing powder after the liquid foundation. Good for touch ups as well. Its a very light powder. You can’t even feel that you’re wearing it. I finally retired my Bare Mineral – Mineral Veil which is messy to use because its a loose powder.


Tinted Lip Conditioner – Nothing too special about it. Its a tinted lip balm  in pink with SPF. I use it before I put any lip color or gloss. I use it at night too, before I go to sleep. Too early to tell if there are changes in my lips. It’s an ‘ok’ product.


Eye Kohl – Soft Eyeliners – MAC offers the cool colors as well as the neutral ones. I just couldnt stop myself from grabbing them because I have an OCD-like attitude that I like seeing the same brands in my cosmetic bag. The uniformity makes it easier to organize.  



EyeShadow – Its a little too much for a tiny jar of color. I just tried the black and silver because I don’t have them yet, but i dont think i’ll be buying more. Its difficult to arrange them because they are individually packaged and its pretty expensive.



Plushglass – Lip gloss with plumping agents for the lips. I have the Ample Pink and it looks very glassy after application. Its too thick though. I wouldnt be applying it all day. Only on special occasions only.


SmashBox Cosmetics

Posted in Cosmetics on March 26, 2008 by au13

I’ve been curious with this SmashBox O-Glow for cheeks but its too expensive for me to just try it. But opportunity came when I found a package at ULTA which includes the lipgloss as well. What it does is it makes your cheek  blush and turns your lip into a pinkish color that is natural to you. Its a clear ointment that has natural ingredients that reacts to your skin and lips. I was afraid its going to sting or something (like the pinching technique to make cheeks blush) but its completely painless. Although I have to retouch in the middle of the day.  Its packaging is very convenient to bring anywhere. So far, Im loving it its simplicity and ease of application. I’ll definitely use it especially on rush times when you only have 3 seconds before you go out of your door. 


Lancome Palette Juicy Rouge for Lips

Posted in Cosmetics on March 8, 2008 by au13

While my Victoria’s Secret lipsticks stay at home, this palette of lipcolor/gloss is the one that goes with me all day. The first reason why I bought this product is purely because of how cute it looked (and it was on sale for $14 in Costco). But since, it is Lancome, it did not disappoint me in my quick touch ups. The colors are pretty universal (pink, peach, red and brown) and it tastes fruity. Application with the brush looks a little silly (coz its sooo tiny) so I just use my pinky finger to apply this product.


Oil Blotting Paper

Posted in Skincare on March 8, 2008 by au13

One of my enemies in the middle of the day or in the summer is oily skin in the T-zone area. I’ve always been conscious about it and I use the Clinique Sheer-Matte Powder to powder my nose before each and every appointment I have in a day. But at the end of the day I would feel like I have 10 layers of powder on my nose. So I decided not to use it as much, and instead, I use an oil blotting sheet just to absorb the oil.

Three products I have used in the past years. Clean and Clear is the first that I have used. It did the job but I always find myself using 2-3 sheets at one time. Then I decided to upgrade the brand into Philosophy Oil Blotting sheets. Did not work. I feel like it doesnt absorb at all (now its just taking up space in my cosmetic bag). It looked like the same material found in the toilet seat cover in the public bathrooms. (FYI: thats a tip I read somewhere that if you have left your powder at home, you can just tear a piece from those seat covers- clean ones of course- and use it to blot the oil from your nose). 

And my favorite now is the Proactiv Blotting Sheets given to me by my cousin who sells them. (You gotta love hook ups!). All I need is one sheet and I’m done. Oil gone and my make up remains ok. It actually looks like I just put make up on. Very effective and very recommendable to others.