Collection Essentielle de Chanel

Oh My God. This limited edition makeup pallette almost gave me a heart attack. I was hyperventillating, palpitating and the only cure would be is to buy it.  I did and I think that was the fastest online ordering recorded! I know if i wait longer, they’re gonna run out of stock or its going to be taken out from their website. So I bought it. No hesitations or whatsoever or any financial concern. I will buy this thing no matter what. Now I wont be able to sleep and will track this shipment every 5 mins every day.

Ive been looking for a makeup pallette in every brand. I want something compact and has lip gloss, blush and eye shadow, all in one case. So far I had no luck finding the right colors or brand. Until tonight when I found this at Chanel. This perfect little thing will treasured every day (probably not used) – for display purposes only-lol.

I absolutely love this brand, but their products are way too expensive. Eyeshadow alone is $60, Blush is $40 and lip gloss are about $30. So for the price of $85, this pallette that has every color that I love is, and will forever be, THE COOLEST MAKE UP on the planet. AMEN!!!



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