Oil Blotting Paper

One of my enemies in the middle of the day or in the summer is oily skin in the T-zone area. I’ve always been conscious about it and I use the Clinique Sheer-Matte Powder to powder my nose before each and every appointment I have in a day. But at the end of the day I would feel like I have 10 layers of powder on my nose. So I decided not to use it as much, and instead, I use an oil blotting sheet just to absorb the oil.

Three products I have used in the past years. Clean and Clear is the first that I have used. It did the job but I always find myself using 2-3 sheets at one time. Then I decided to upgrade the brand into Philosophy Oil Blotting sheets. Did not work. I feel like it doesnt absorb at all (now its just taking up space in my cosmetic bag). It looked like the same material found in the toilet seat cover in the public bathrooms. (FYI: thats a tip I read somewhere that if you have left your powder at home, you can just tear a piece from those seat covers- clean ones of course- and use it to blot the oil from your nose). 

And my favorite now is the Proactiv Blotting Sheets given to me by my cousin who sells them. (You gotta love hook ups!). All I need is one sheet and I’m done. Oil gone and my make up remains ok. It actually looks like I just put make up on. Very effective and very recommendable to others.



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