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Nivea Bikini Challenge

Posted in Skincare on April 29, 2008 by au13

I was listening to the radio the other day and Carolina from Z100 was talking about the Nivea GoodBye Cellulite Gel Cream that removes that unsightly cellulite around hips and thighs. Unfortunately, that is one of the enemies of the female kind whether overweight or not. I certainly have them and I noticed that last summer around my thighs. Yes I am skinny but cellulite is a skin condition and I was definitely not exempted from that. I couldnt believe that guys dont get it no matter how overwight they are. So unfair. To read more about it check out . The site features a 4 week program to have that flawless body you want to take to the beach (or keep even beyond summer). It has lots of tips for nutrition, exercise, how to treat the cellulite and some trendy tips for style. They lay out a plan for you in a fun way and it kinda makes me wanna do it. Naaah. Im allergic to exercise. lol but we’ll see how far i go with it this time. Whats there to lose anyway but cellulites?


Clinique Advanced Concealer

Posted in Cosmetics on April 29, 2008 by au13

When I bought the MAC Concealer, I felt like I cheated on my Clinique Advanced Concealer. I was excited because the MAC promised a lot of things such as long lasting maximum coverage (even covers tattoos). But it was very difficult to find the right color. (I bought the wrong one the first time – wasted $15). So anyway, I went back to my old Clinique Concealer and I swear I will not to buy another one because ill just be wasting my time. Clinique works the best on my skin. My loyalty goes to this product because it matches my color perfectly and lasts all day. Works well with my other Clinique products too.

Benefit You Rebel Lite

Posted in Cosmetics on April 29, 2008 by au13

Ive tried a sample of this product when I bought a lot of stuff online from Sephora. Its a tinted moisturizer, spf and sort of a primer. You feel a little tingly sensation which signals you that it smoothes your complexion. It minimizes pores and it evens out the skin. Im also glad that the color matches my skin, its pretty universal. Takes the guess work out of picking which one is your true color. The lite version has some added ingredients that are good for your skin. The only thing is that it has a dewy finish versus a matte finish. It tends to make my face shiny in the middle of the day. But theres always powder. Im adding this on my wishlist for next time. My Lancome tinted moisturizer is almost out.

Too Much Makeup

Posted in Cosmetics on April 29, 2008 by au13

Not on my face but on my mind. LoL. Ive been reading this book from Sephora, I was researching last night about the Duwop blushbooster. Its apparetly a powder you apply over your blush to give it a more glowy effect. Another term would be a highlighter, because it captures light and makes your skin glow. I may not buy this because I already have the one from MAC. But this brand gives you a variety of colors.

But on funny incident that happened today was when I was reading one of those surveys in the Friendster bulletin and I saw this question.

“What was the highlight of your cheek?”

I was like.. WHATTT?? I reread the question and it said..

“What was the highlight of your week?”

Aaahhh. That made more sense. I shook my head and told myself. –you’re reading too much about make up–. LOL.

Coach Summer Jewelry

Posted in Accessories on April 26, 2008 by au13

AccK! its officially an epidemic… called SUMMER. The beach is calling me. The icons and symbols of the sea are in every fashion and trend of my favorite brands. Remember my blog entry about the starfish earrings? Well then check these out from Coach. A necklace and a bracelet which cost about $450 for both. But the gold and turquoise colors is calling out to me. The bracelet, I may never pull off because I have such small wrists but the necklace looks fun but I wont pay $150 for it. lol.

Cetaphil Body Cream

Posted in Skincare on April 26, 2008 by au13

I’ve been a bad girl. I have been so busy and hurried all the time and I basically have no time for body lotion after I shower in the morning. And at night, when Im not too sleepy or lazy, I do remember to put lotion after shower- which is pretty much twice a week. Yup very bad. I noticed my leg has become extremely dry and scaly. I didnt bother with it in winter time coz im all covered up but in the spring summer season, I need to take care of my skin appearance.

So my favorite therapy (the one I should be doing everyday) is Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. From the famous facial cleanser I tried their body cream and I love it. Within just two days my skin isnt dry and scaly anymore. Im not sure if its unscented. I have been immuned to it so I dont know. So anyhow, my skin definitely loves this product compared to the scented fruity/floral lotions you can buy buy bulk in Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret. Though I love their smell, my skin gets dry easily. At first youd think its sticky because the cream is thick but once your skin absorbs it, your skin will feel very soft.

The Bible

Posted in Cosmetics on April 26, 2008 by au13

Haha! My best friend will get mad at me because she just wrote a blog entry few days ago about bibles and religious books and now Im making a spin off entry about another type of bible.

Sephora has came out with a book about ten days ago. I wanted to check them out today but I had too  much errands to do. So anyway, the book claims to be the ultimate guide to Make up, Skin care and Hair. Its 200+ pages of about your favorite brands and their makers, beauty tips, shopping guides to best products, latest trends and styles and etc.

Lol. What a cool alternative to hours and hours of surfing online on cosmetics websites.