Too Faced Brush

Im very happy with the $14 set of  12 brushes I bought from Costco. I was researching about brushes and they are just too expensive for something I’d just play around with. I already have a set from Bare Minerals, each of them costs about $25 on average. But they are too harsh on my skin. The cheaper brushes are more gentle. Besides, I dont want to think that Im brushing with goat hair or whatever animal. Im happy with the synthetic ones. But….. theres always a but. I saw this brush from Too Faced and I just thought it would be a nice brush to brig when you’re traveling. My friend told me that people back home actually bring brushes on their on-the-go bags. Im still catching up with that idea, but i guess its not that bad. I just think that brushes and loose powders stay at home and the compacts are what we bring with us wherever. But this adorable brush is changing my mind into bringing brushes. Admit it, brushes are still way better in application of powders versus the sponge. Next time, you’re mine hehehe and the shopping goes on.




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