If you haven’t read my skincare history, here’s an entry for one of the best skincare products I’ve used. Cetaphil saved my skin years ago. I’ve tried many many skin care products against acne. I’d pick the strongest one with the highest percentage in salicylic acids. Nothing seemed to work. My skin stings with every product I use thinking thats how it works. I feel like im abusing my skin and its not helping me clear my breakouts. Then I used Cetaphil. I thought that maybe I don’t need the most complicated acne solution ever. Maybe I needed just a simple cleanser. And voila! it cleared my skin after a month or so. My harsh skin regimen was actually the one making me break out. So from then on, I use the gentlest product on my face and Cetaphil is one thing I can’t live without. I always have a stock of Cetaphil in my bathroom even if Im using the Garnier Skincare right now.  I can use it as make up remover as well. I just massage it to the skin and wipe off with a tissue – removes make up and keeps the skin soft.



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  1. Wee! I love Cetaphil, too!!

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