Very Sexy

Ever since I bought the Perfect Lipstick, I can’t help but check out the other products of Victoria’s Secret. Their line called “Very Sexy” has a very cute packaging (all black with  a line of fuschia pink on the sides). Their products are cheap compared to the Sephora products and there is a store which is 5 mins away from me.

Lipliner- I got it in two colors, Ginger Spice – its a nude color and Pink Kiss – which is a pink lipliner. I still have to use it more because upto now I dont quite see the difference if you have it or not. Most mornings, when I’m in ahurry, I tend to forget to put it on and everything is still alright with the world. So its one of those unnecessary products for me, but its good to play around with.


Eyeliner – I already have my most basic eyeliners from MAC, (black, brown, blue and white) but when I saw this at the store, I got curious. It has the smudger on the other side already, which is good, because I have a smudger that I use for several colors and sometimes I dont have the time to clean it up and colors get mixed up. So this one has its own. I bought the colors that I dont have, which the Wild Moss (green) and Exotic Plum (purple). So far, so good. I love eyeliners, its a must have for me.


Finishing Powder – I got this free from Mom. VS has a sale to buy 3 for $36.  Orig Price is $18. The powder looks alright. Im surprised I got the right color for me since we ordered it online. I haven’t used it much because I still have the MAC Blot Powder. But what I can tell you is that I hate the sponge. I cant even call it a sponge. It looks like a black and white felt paper attached back to back. I wouldn’t even use that on my face. So this one stays in the bag and not on the go.



VS Sharpener – This is the reason why I bought all the other products. Everytime I stop by the store to ask if they have the sharpener (which they dont), I just buy something else so as not to waste the trip. Finally we ordered it online. Its $2.50 and it has the same look as their Very Sexy line.  Love it.



and the coolest part of the online order from VS is the free High Definition Mascara. I have not used it but my friend tells me it clumps up. Oh well, I just have to use my lash comb after it. No biggie. I just like it because it completes my whole VS collection.




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