Secret Weapon

Speaking of products back home, I still have one secret weapon for my skin regimen that came from the Philippines, its called Eskinol Facial Cleanser. (Sorry forgot to put it in the video- I run out and I just got one today) I use it especially when I know Im getting my period and I just need that extra protection against pimple. In addition, it removes makeup, dirt and oil. I have been using the Papaya version whenever I have a pimple. It dries the pimple real fast and it has a whitening agent as well. The Cucumber version is a bit more gentler so I use this to prevent breakouts whenever my skin just feels stressed out (due to lack of sleep or staying late). If youre not used to these products, it will dry out your skin. But I have been using it for many years so I aready know how to balance the dryness and moisture of my skin thru the combination with my other skin care products.  


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