Vaseline Healthy Glow Shampoo

I discovered this product in the Philippines when I came home last Christmas. I didnt know Vaseline makes shampoo now. And my sister-in-law had this at her condo and my husband and I almost finished the whole bottle in 3 days because we loved it so much. We actually ordered it from the Phils and the parcel came in 3 days ago and Ive been using it and loving it. I wish we ordered more because my husband complains I use too much because I have longer hair. Haha. Anyway the one we have is the Aloe version so it feels very good on the hair. It smelled great and it didnt cause me dandruffs (perfumed shampoos usually does). My hair actually looks better-it controlled my frizz even without conditioner (we forgot to order that-lol). I actually can’t wait till the next time I wash my hair. Makes me think, my hair still loves products from back home.


One Response to “Vaseline Healthy Glow Shampoo”

  1. I love this product too. But as they said dapat every 2 months you change your shampoo coz sometimes your hair gets so used to the ingredients with your shampoo doesn’t work the way it used to be. But what I do. Change it then afte the next month go back to my previous shampoo. Oh I miss vaseline.

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