Mini Japan Trip

What a nice spring day today! Good thing my work finished early. My husband came with me. His best friend is off today and another friend who’s supposed to go to a doctor hanged out with us instead. So. that’s all we need for a road trip! We went to New Jersey to eat some japanese food and the whole compound is consisted of japanese stores (bookstores, variety stores, even Shiseido!) No i did not buy cosmetics today. Just a tiny oil blot powder from the supermaket, along with oil blotting sheets, eyelash curler, comb and mirror and some cherry blossom stickers. We had so much fun shopping in the little stores, all JDM products (means japan made- its a car term). It really felt like Mini Japan. Somehow, i feel very close with anything Japanese. I like Tokidoki and Harajuku and many other things. I couldnt even resist that $3.60 stickers of light pink cherry blossoms (thats freaking expensive!! i thought it was only a dollar something). Its just too cute and I might use them to decorate my new train case!


One Response to “Mini Japan Trip”

  1. I think I saw that mini japanese area in Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations hehehe. The eyelash curler looks cute

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