Clinique Long Last LipGloss

I found out that I was allergic to the MAC lipglass. Its a lipgloss, lip plumper combination. So sad that my lower lip becomes itchy when I use it. It flakes afterwards. Nasty lol.

So other lipgloss I use is the Philosophy Lip Plumper. Its usually gone by the time i get out of the house. And i’m just not the type of person who can stand reapplying lip gloss every ten minutes.

The Bath and Body works lip glosses are too minty. I thought it sounded cool when I was reading the ingredients but menthol lipgloss can be annoying. So I really needed a quality lip gloss that i’ll be able to wear alone or with lipstick.

And since I was on my Clinique Shopping Spree, I did not hesitate to try this new product from their Summer collection. I got in the Guavagold, a peachy pink color which is my new favorite. It stays on for a while, unless I eat then I reapply again. It keeps my lips moist too. I’m actually loving this product and maybe I’ll get one in a darker color.


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