Summer is Coming

I was so bored all winter because there is simply nothing to do and nowhere to go to. So since I’ve been cooped up at home and the only place that i could go to is the mall, i took my frustration out by shopping! And as you can see its mostly cosmetics… But what was i thinking? Summer is coming… I don’t need these full-on make up in the summer? Its just going to melt. Unless for special occasions, I wouldn’t need liquid foundations or lash primer and extensions. I was just so eager to get everything I wanted to complete my make up train case. oh well, no regrets Im happy with it. its just that, this summer the whole train case will not be as practical as i thought.

As road trip season begins, i can’t imagine myself bringing all these stuff with me. So i would need quick application and long wearing products. Powder and concealer is a must. Foundation and primer I could skip. Lipstick for work, lipgloss for the weekend. Blush, eyeliner and mascara are the things i cant live without, whatever season or weather. But eyeshadow? hmm i could skip it too, and its just gonna be too much fuss bringing brushes along. And putting makeup in the car with brushes is going to be a challenge.

Good thing Clinique came out with a new cream eyeshadow. The packaging looks like a lip gloss and the colors are pretty nice. I got the Starlit Pink. I thought it was going to be too sheer but the color can be layered up and it stays on for hours. Im very happy with it, I got two more colors yesterday, purple and green. This I can definitely bring along with me. Its very convenient and easy to use.


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