Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula

From Clinique. The last product from my Clinique Haul. Why hide behind all the makeup products when you have great skin to begin with. I personally have survived the acne days. But nothing can stop my monthly hormonal pimples when Im getting my period. And i do have a very bad habit of pricking it, which causes the scars. Ive always been conscious about it. It is such an imperfection that no one probably pays attention but to me it looks really ugly. If it werent for the scars, I wouldnt be wearing make up at all. LOL just kidding. I love makeup but i definitely wont miss the concealers. I use the Aveeno Complexion Corrector. It helps but it takes too long to remove a scar. By the time the scar is gone, its my monthly period again and Im getting another pimple. The vicious cycle begins. Ive also used Scarzone and it smelled nasty. I stopped using it before seeing any effects. So i thought Id try this product but I’ll document how long it takes to remove the scar before I’ll recommend to anyone.


2 Responses to “Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula”

  1. Have you tried it yet?? =) I´d love to know what you think!

  2. yup! i started using it on april 15, twice a day. so that makes it about 2 weeks now. unfortunately my stubborn acne marks are still visible. not a miracle product. the packaging itself is a little tricky. its one of those that you turn and u hear clicks and the product comes out. sometimes u make too many clicks and u think nothing is coming out then all of a sudden you have more than what u need. so there u go.

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