My mom’s christmas gift for me last year. Absolutely love it. I always check them out when I pass by a Sunglass store. Fortunately, I was with my mom one day and she was in a good mood. So I begged. LOL. Sometimes, you just miss that feeling of being the child who is being spoiled by your mother. Its been a while since I felt that. Because since i’ve been married and independent, if i wanted something, its either i buy it with my own money, or i have to wait for a special occasion so my husband will buy it. LOL i am spoiled!  Anyway, I love this sunglasses from Chanel. Its actually one of my most expensive designer things. It costs about $325 plus tax and it comes in 2 colors – brown and black. Everytime I wear it, I feel like a celebrity. It goes well with everything. Its not very flashy but when you notice that Chanel symbol, you’d appreciate its quality. Im actually in the mood for another designer glasses but i havent set my heart on anything yet. Summer is so exciting – shoppingwise lol…


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