I already have a wishlist going on. Once I finish MAC and Clinique (whenever that may be) Ill upgrade to Shiseido – I just love their whole lineup. Chanel can wait. But my asian roots are calling me everyime I pass by it in the mall. A friend of mine is using their foundation. But Ive always found its products to be expensive. Not anymore since I have compared and researched many many products from Sephora. I think you pay the price for the quality youre after. And if you know me, once I start with a new brand, I have to buy mostly everything in their line. I just think products are designed to work better with the products of the same brand. Its an unproven theory, of course, but I do like looking at my collection for each brand that I have.  Its easier to organize compared to having 10 different brands, different sizes and different shapes of cosmetics. Anyway heres my wishlist from Shiseido. Powder Foundation, Primer and Concealer.


2 Responses to “Shiseido”

  1. hmmm i wonder if you ever get to finish MAC and Clinique 1st before you buy this…hmmm… me thinking… thinking ;p

  2. yup. I guess so. but I’m happy with d mac n clinique. so ill definitely finish them b4 buyin a new one. I don’t want to confuse my skin anyway.

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