Starfish Earrings

Ive been wearing heart shaped jewelries for the past year. I love it. Makes me feel in love. But my aunt comes to visit every year, she sells jewelry and I actually have a monthly budget for it already (she accepts payments in installment). She can also customize jewelries for much cheaper price compared to Tiffany. This one has been in my Wishlist folder in quite a while. I saw this earring in . Not sure if they still have it. If not, Ill ask my aunt to make one for me. Its a starfish shaped earring with diamonds in it. Ever since I saw the movie Aquamarine, Ive always been fascinated with the starfish earrings. In the movie, the starfish talks and compliments the person wearing it. And its not just saying what you want to hear but it actually tells the truth. Such a cute concept. It’ll be a great accessory for the summer.


One Response to “Starfish Earrings”

  1. just saw aquamarine… the star fish was sooooooooo cute. I wish we have such jewelries hahaha. Vinsci is so pretty…she’s a true shopaholic like her besy hahaha ;p

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