Cosmetic Brushes

One of the things on my wishlist haha! I should make one page for that so you can see. The brushes im using are from Costco. Bought it for $15 haha. Its a 12-piece set with a case and brush cleaner. I didnt mind if it was cheap because I was just going to play with it. And now I know how important it is, my favorite motto kicks in, that quality is always a priority when it comes to something that you put in your face. And usually as quality goes up, prices  go up too. I bought the Too Faced Retractable brush and when I compared it to my everyday brushes, I really noticed the difference. But the nicest brushes are wayyyyy too expensive. They costs about $30 on average. Thats crazy. And so I guess I’d have to settle for a more practical alternative. Next month, I want to buy these pink Sephora Brush Set, costs about $72. I know there are so many brands out there, I want to keep consistent with what I already have. It definitely matches my pink train case.



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