Movado Art of Heart

My most favorite gift from my husband. Actually all of them are my favorite. But this one was the most unexpected. The most special thing about my birthday was when a gift magically appeared in my bag when i left it for a split second to get more fries (eat all you can fries- i was in heaven that night) in the Brazilian Restaurant we went to. It was a bracelet from Movado with heart charms. My husband knows my weakness in heart shaped jewelries and that night he really impressed me. He went gift hunting after work, dragging eddy in 3 different counties lol. But they didnt make it to Tiffanys and he was disppointed, he knew i really like them but it was closed by the time they get there. He was apologizing for not giving me what i wanted but what he gave me is much more expensive than tiffany’s. (By the way i couldnt find the price online). I thanked him anyway and was very surprised to receive a gift at all coz he already paid for my sunglasses (my requested gift-lol). And i really really love it, I wear it everyday too.

The earrings that is in the picture came from movado too. I bought it last christmas. I dont wear it that much since I wear the diamond earrings all the time. I feel like when I wear the heart earring and the bracelet, id be too matchy matchy and I kinda dont like that.  I love wearing it alone though, but I could count in my fingers how many times I did.


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