Too Faced Eyeshadows

What is up with this global galaxy looking cosmetics?? I saw it first in Laura Geller’s collection and now Too faced as a new eyeshadow collection that they call Galaxy Glam Eyeshadows. They have my favorite colors of pink, blue, green and brown. It looked very interesting when i was using the tester. You can sweep the brush across all the colors and it gives you a darker shade of the color or you can pick out the black and the blue and blend it yourself in the application. Personally, I have enough eyeshadows to last me two years. And this small pot costs about $20. So I may not buy this product for those reasons but if they go on sale or be sold in set somewhere, I would.  Though I have those colors already (i usually mix the black and blue eyeshadow pots from MAC), any innovative product that makes the any application easier is worth buying. In our busy busy life, we only get about 10 mins in the morning to fix ourselves. So just check it out when you go to Sephora and see if you like it too.


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