Cetaphil Body Cream

I’ve been a bad girl. I have been so busy and hurried all the time and I basically have no time for body lotion after I shower in the morning. And at night, when Im not too sleepy or lazy, I do remember to put lotion after shower- which is pretty much twice a week. Yup very bad. I noticed my leg has become extremely dry and scaly. I didnt bother with it in winter time coz im all covered up but in the spring summer season, I need to take care of my skin appearance.

So my favorite therapy (the one I should be doing everyday) is Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. From the famous facial cleanser I tried their body cream and I love it. Within just two days my skin isnt dry and scaly anymore. Im not sure if its unscented. I have been immuned to it so I dont know. So anyhow, my skin definitely loves this product compared to the scented fruity/floral lotions you can buy buy bulk in Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret. Though I love their smell, my skin gets dry easily. At first youd think its sticky because the cream is thick but once your skin absorbs it, your skin will feel very soft.


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