How many princess movies have u seen in your lifetime? Me? A lot! which probably includes 7 versions of cinderella, 20 disney movies, 20 hollywood movies, 4 true to life princesses documentaries.. and many more from dvd, tv and cinema…

But this Princess movie series from ABC really caught my heart. No fancy title, just Princess. Its got all the fairy tale ingredients. The Tiara. The Annual Ball. The sort of Prince. and…(are u ready?)………… mythical creatures. Haha. I loved how they infused that in the story. Turns out the princess is a real princess, the magical one. The one who talkes to bluebirds and squirrels. And the best twist of all? shes the healer of these so called creatures. From the most adorable pixies to unicorns to the monsters that go bump in the night.

And there are a lot of funny scenes and the special effects are pretty impressive. One of my favorite scenes is during the ball when a single ticket for a dinner date and dance with the princess is being auctioned off.

The guy’s best friend whispered to leading man. “Fantastic. Very Willy Wonka!”



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