Nivea Bikini Challenge

I was listening to the radio the other day and Carolina from Z100 was talking about the Nivea GoodBye Cellulite Gel Cream that removes that unsightly cellulite around hips and thighs. Unfortunately, that is one of the enemies of the female kind whether overweight or not. I certainly have them and I noticed that last summer around my thighs. Yes I am skinny but cellulite is a skin condition and I was definitely not exempted from that. I couldnt believe that guys dont get it no matter how overwight they are. So unfair. To read more about it check out . The site features a 4 week program to have that flawless body you want to take to the beach (or keep even beyond summer). It has lots of tips for nutrition, exercise, how to treat the cellulite and some trendy tips for style. They lay out a plan for you in a fun way and it kinda makes me wanna do it. Naaah. Im allergic to exercise. lol but we’ll see how far i go with it this time. Whats there to lose anyway but cellulites?


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