Clinique Clarifying Makeup

Grrr. My workload has driven me to the edge and I just couldnt prevent these nasty breakouts even if I clean my face 5 times a day. I know its way too early for my monthly period, nor was it caused by the make up products I use. So it must be stress. Having pimples (I have 2 right now grrr) makes me even more frustrated in life. So what do i do? Aside from my attack moves (salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and eskinols and scrubs and scar treatment), I decided to buy Clinique Clarifying Makeup, a liquid foundation thats good for acne prone skin. At least, even if I cover up, its not gonna make my pimple worse. And Im actually amazed how good it looks on my skin. It has a dewy finish and thank god I got the right color the first time. And its long wearing – I havent used powder and its 2pm already. It definitely controlled my oil and minimized pores. Most of all, it doesnt feel very thick on the skin. Feels like a tinted moisturizer.

Not only its helping my skin to stay blemish free on times I need more protection, but it also made me feel good to take that trip to the Clinique counter (and get my 3rd bonus gift) and gave me a reason to smile despite having a crappy day.


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