Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

Another quick easy fix that intrigued me while reading the Sephora book. A dry shampoo? now this is new to me. Im not sure if Ill replace my everyday washing of the hair but Id like to see what this product is all about. Its a powder that you pour all over your scalp . You then massage it and brush it out. And its supposed to create a miracle of clean hair and nourished scalp. My eyebrows are still raised but they say it does absorbed the oils in the hair. Uggh, but still! The idea of not wetting the hair for more than a day gives me a headache already. I need something cold to cool me down and refresh me. The only time that I could think of using a dry shampoo would be probably in camping. But even campgrounds have nice showers so naaah. I just thought Id share my thoughts on this one.


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