Busy Girl’s Guide to Looking Great

Talks about Exercise, Diet, Fashion and Beauty. The book is so colorful, it makes you want to read more pages. However, there are pages colored orange or fuschia pink that I couldnt read. LOL. But I love the cartoons they used, its very chic. I think I have developed an allergy towards books with looong paragraphs and no pictures. As for the content, it was very light to read. I really learned a couple of things that Im always faced with but do not know what to do.

Exercise is definitely one thing I refuse to do but this makes it soud more fun and it does knock some sense in my head that I DO NEED IT. lol. The Fashion part is quite informative too. Though I am comfortable and secure with the types of clothes I wear, I still learned some things especially what NOT to wear for different occasions.

The beauty part is so repetitive. Some of them ive read and heard many times. I couldnt hurt to read it again though. Diet is diet. I dont have a choice on that. Whatever is served on my table, I will eat. My motto in life: If you make it, I’ll eat it LOL.


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