Soap And Glory Cosmetics

I was shopping at Target and I saw this pink shelf and was immediately drawn to it. This company is UK based and I got curious about their products. Its got an eyecatching packaging and quite a good sense of humor when naming their products. I bought a lip plumper called MotherPucker. lol. They come in set of 3 but I figured I only wanted to try it and I forgot my lipgloss that day. Oh what a tragedy! I cant believe i couldnt live without lipgloss- I felt naked!. However, this lip plumper was a bit too extreme. The stinging effect is quit scary and lasted longer than the Philosopy lip plumper. I didn’t want that full-on pout anyway. I rubbed it off immediately, afraid it would make my lips swollen. I wouldnt say it was a waste of $10, but maybe someone out there likes their lips to be so plumped. This product is basically not for me. The only good thing about it is that it tasted great! Like chocolate.


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