I have grown this old and never had a Lacoste shirt ever. Haha. I always go to the malls and check them out and my husband has at least 10 shirts. But i never buy one for myself. Its the collared shirt idea that bores me. I know its cool to some people and classy looking. I like it whenother people wear it but it seems like its not for me. My mom wears it and my mother in law wears it, my conservative firned wears it. I feel like its a Mommy shirt. Too grown up and must be paired with khaki cropped pants and brown leather sandals šŸ˜› lol (i just described my mother).

So anyway, we were in an outlet mall last week to return something lol. and My husband talked me into buying a couple of shirts. I didn’t, my mother in law paid for it along with at least 6 shirts that she bought. I got it in dark bluish purple and white. I actually……..loved it! it does look grown up. but who am i kidding! Im OLD! I paired it with jeans and kitten heels peep toe shoes and went to the office (its casual friday) and i looked better than anyone else there lol.


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