Lucky Shopping Manual

There was this funny moment that happened at the counter of Barnes and Nobles. I bought two books after an hour of waiting for my husband who was browsing in Sears (god i hate to be stading in those aisles filled with tools). The first book I bought was The Finish Rich Workbook by David Bach. Its a financial plan to get out of debt and plan for a richer future. Sounds good right? Definitely a beneficial book that I could learn a lot from. The irony of that moment though is when lady scanned the next book. Which is the shopping manual by Lucky Magazine. Haha. Its a actually a cool book, states the obvious what and what not to wear. But it also gives cool ideas on which clothing matches, and accessories and all other good stuff. It helps you to build that closet of only the things you need and actually wear. None of those impulse buying of things that are cute but you’d never wear. Its easy to read coz its mostly pictures. Lol and obviously it was the first book Ive read versus the financial book 😛


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