Mazda Speed

My car got hit about 2 weeks ago while it was parked at my mom’s house and Ive been depressed and devastated with the fact that my car isnt perfect anymore. To look at the brighter side, it might be an opportunity to get a new car. Something that is gas friendly and passenger friendly. Coolness factor might be compromised but I cant afford the nicer cars. I hate to be demoted to a 4 door sedan or a mini SUV. So im looking around, for something I might fall in love with. Something practical yet it still got some horses that I need for speed 😛 My husband and I saw the Mazda Speed 3 on the road one day. It looked cute. I can forgive the 260 hp, its close to my 300hp Mustang. 4 door and very spacious – my mom wont complain anymore and plenty of trunk space. It looks hot in red but i want to stay with the color that says ME – which is white. Im not too fond of Mazda (its just a mazda!)  definitely doesnt look as classic as my Mustang. But my husband says Mazda is gaining reputation in the racing world. So we’ll see, maybe after a bunch of car shows this summer id be able to find the car suitable to replace my mustang.


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