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Posted in Shoes on June 7, 2008 by au13

It was very unexpected that I bought these sandals. I have rebeled against it despite my husband’s suggestion. I always thought it looked better on people with wider feet. But today I tried one pair and it fit perfectly. The Cozumel style is very slim. And I found it in pearly white (Ice creme) color. My foot was also hurting from the BCBG slippers that I was wearing. So there, Im actually starting to love it. its very comfy, I wore it the rest of the day and the leather strap was soft enough. It felt weird at first but my husband said eventually the sandal will take the form of my foot and it will be more comfy. I think this will be my favorite sandals of Summer 2008.


Coach Cosmetics

Posted in Cosmetics on June 5, 2008 by au13

Im very particular on what goes on to my face. But certain products I dont care if its branded or not as long as Im not allergic to it. Best example would be Lipgloss. I have used a $1 lipgloss and a $25 lip gloss which doesnt have much difference. If I find the product cute or its got a unique color, I would immediately buy it without thinking. What a shocking moment for me today while browsing to see a lip gloss and a powder under their newest product line. Its like mixing of the heavens. One of my favorite brands for bags has now come out with cosmetics (my other favorite passion!) Definitely, my wishlist for the month of June is getting longer. I have to distract myself away from online browsing for products lol.

MAC Fix+

Posted in Cosmetics on June 5, 2008 by au13

Mac Fix+ is an aqua spritz that contains vitamins and minerals plus all other good stuff thats good for your skin. Ive seen many youtubers use this to set their foundation. Which makes sense especially to those people who use powder foundation (duh! would I use more powder to set my powder foundation?) And it looks like a really great way to refresh your face on a hot summer day. Keeps your skin hydrated. Ive also seen people use it as a mixing medium for powder eyeshadows to have that more instense look. Oh and it can also be used as a primer! How cool! Can’t wait to buy it!

Coach Heritage Stripe Satchel

Posted in Bags on June 5, 2008 by au13

Ok. I was too harsh on Coach when I bashed on the patchwork bags in the previous post. Im actually in love with one of their bags and it is definitely the #1 candidate for the birthday gift for myself. Its in the Tattersall Pattern (white checkered) with the pink stripe. My two favorite colors combined and I do like the form of the bag. What ive always said about Coach is that, I never liked the quality of their cheaper/affordable bags (they look exactly like the fake ones). But their expensive bags are quite harder to copy and the design is much much better. So it is worth buying the more expensive Coach bags.