Iphone 3G

The new Iphone came out July 11 and I needed a new fone. But obviously I will not stand in line for hours and hours. And by now all Apple stores in NY are sold out. Who knows when they are going to have another shipment. So I will wait. Im definitely not in the rush to pay cancellation fees to my current provider (my contract ends in April 2009) But I have heard a lot of good things about the Iphone. I love its look. Its very light and the programs are very practical and user friendly. I also like the fact that you can see the whole webpage of the internet. And the Ipod Function. The keyboard will probably take time getting used to but im definitely going to miss the actual buttons of the keyboard which makes it easy to text while driving. Lol Which I shouldnt be really texting while driving so this Iphone is definitely ideal. And for the price of $200, im sure id be happy with it for a whole year until a new and better version comes out of course.


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