Victoria’s Secret Invisible Shaping Bra

Its one of those things I would never imagine buying for myself. But my mother in law bought it and wore it the last time we attended a wedding. The second formal I had to attend, i bought a blue dress that has a plunging neckline and I needed a bit of a boost so I decided to borrow it. This one definitely added another cupsize. Its made of silicone and it feels very real and im suprised the adhesive really stayed on the whole night. I wasnt worried that its going to fall out any minute. The clasp in the middle also gave that cleavage look and made it more secure. I’m probably not gonna wear it every occassion, only when the dress calls for it.


3 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret Invisible Shaping Bra”

  1. So, it really worked? Would you say it would work for a thin strap/backless dress? I wish I got it when I needed it for my reunion. 🙂

  2. I would recommend it for a dress that is fitted to your body. Just to make sure that it wouldnt be too loose. It also depends if you sweat a lot or if you dance a lot, i wouldnt trust the adhesive 100%. So have a plan B.

  3. Hey…can you help me with the easiest way to put it on ?
    I’m wearing it with my informal wedding dress…..

    Thank You

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