Benefit PosieTint

Im crazy about blushes. I currently have 7 blushes (4 Clinique, 2 Shu Uemura, 1 Smashbox O-glow). And I use them depending which color Im in the mood in. The O-glow is the one on my on-the-go bag, used when a touch up is needed. But it never felt right. Usually I put too much or too little that I cant see the result. It seems like color doesnt match me. Its too bold that it doesnt look realistic to have that kind of blush.

So in browsing hundreds of products from Sephora, Ive always heard of the Benetint cheek and lip stain from Benefit. But its scary red and I will not dare put that on me. Until they came out with POSIETINT, a petal pink color that is absolutely youthful. And I love this color. Its noticeable but not too bold. It looks ok on the lips too but i still needed to put lip conditioner from MAC over it to keep my lips moist and soft.

I was hestitating at first because it costs $28. But that colorful box and bottle is just scraming for me to get it.



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