Louis Vuitton Kate Clutch

I fell in love with this clutch when my husband and I were looking for a gift for our dad in the mall last week. I absolutely love the Multicolore Monogram pattern, but all the products in that category are at least $1200 each. I can never afford it. But this clutch really caught my eye because it was new to me ( I havent seen this on their website yet) and its only $560! My husband almost bought it for me right there and then. But I said ill think about it first. Expensive things like this needs a lot of thinking. My husband said all I need to do is give the go signal and he’ll buy it for my birthday. By morning, I thought that no matter how much i love it, its not gonna be practical to spend that much money on a small clutch like that. Its too small and too special to be used for everyday stuff. I want a bag that will serve me its purpose and it wouldnt hurt at all if its a designer bag as well. Louis Vuitton, we will meet again. lol.


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