Cash Cab

 This is one of my favorite game shows in the world. I found it in the Discovery Channel. The concept is very unique, very exciting and very New York. Unsuspecitng passengers get into a regular looking cab in the city. Then the driver revelas that they are in a game show and they could earn cash whil they are being driven to their destination. They must answer the general trivia questions and theye arn $25, $50 or $100, depending on how hard the question is. When you reach your destination without making 3 mistakes, you get to keep the cash amount you’ve accumulated. When you reach 3 strikes, you get out of the cab. It has basic game show rules such as lifelines, you can call a friend or shout out on the street to ask someone for help.  What makes it interesting is that the driver is so funny and the New yorkers itself are soo much fun. No matter what color they are or whether rich or not, male or female, they are all willing to play the game and have a little cash. And they amaze me coz they are pretty smart with some of the hardest questions and the ending is always awesome to watch as they get out of the cab triumphantly with their money. Its the most exciting 40 blocks these passengers ever had. Go check it out. Youll see what I mean.


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