Cuddly Comfort Pillows

I saw this product while shopping at Costco with my mom. It comes in a set of 2 and it is just the cuddliest pillow ever. The texture is as soft as a teddy bear and you just want to run your hand/fingers over it. The pillow isnt fully filled and structured and im pretty sure its bad for the neck. Its purpose is really just to be hugged. Like a secuurity blanket for kids but for adults also.  Just watch out for the product number because theres a recall on some products that possibly contains metal debris due to a malfunction in the manufacturing process. Other than that, Ive been using it and hugging it every night. Ill definitely take it with me when i travel also.


One Response to “Cuddly Comfort Pillows”

  1. Says:

    we bought them at Costco and all the family is crazy about them, we need to buy at least 4 more packs and we don’t know where, could you tell us where we can?

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