I cannot believe that up until now, I havent had any entry on one of my most favorite things in the world. FOOD. Im quite embarrassed to say that I learned about this product from Kris Aquino when she mentioned this is her favorite. Anywho……. Nutella is a hazelnut cream spread. Kinda like a peanut butter but instead of peanut, they use hazelnut. They a bit of milk and cocoa and voila! it tastes like chocolate. I fell in love with it the minute i tasted it. I love chocolates and it took me 5 seconds to recognize where I have tasted this kind of chocolate. FERRERO ROCHER!!! it is exactly the same filling they put inside that lovely chocolate. And i later found out that Nutella is made by Ferrero. Anyway Ive been eating it just by itself. NO bread needed lol. I take spoonfuls of it and lick the spoon clean. Its definitely yummy.


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