Garnier Eye Depuffing Gel

Haha! The idea of an eyebag roller seems a bit absurd. But I realized that the eye cream is for brightening purposes only for the dark circles. I needed help with depuffing the eyebags. I learned that at night the fluids are not circulating well and thus gets collected in the eyebags. So thats why when I cry all night, my eyes are all puffy and disgusting hahaha! So I saw this while shopping at Harmon and decided to give it a try. Apparently, the roll on applicator helps promote the microcirculation and cooling sensation of the eyes. It would literally awake you coz the metal roller is sooo cold when you put them in your eyebags. You can use this as much as you want. I bring it with me everywhere and I love it. Eyebags are natural part of our face so Im not expecting that it would disappear, but I do notice that my eyes feel better and does not look haggard and tired.


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