Ped Egg

The Ped Egg. Its like a grating instrument for your callous feet. I must admit that the feet is the last thing I take care of (that is, if i get to it). So over time my feet has absorbed tons of abuse and have only been pampered once in my life (got a footspa in the Philippines). So, while watching TV I saw this Ped Egg, which I found amusing because the models did get a lot of dead skin cells and theyre feet looked really fresh after using using it. As if you got an instant footspa. Feet feels soft and callous-free. For years I have seen my auntie use nail files to sand down the callouses, but I think this gadget is very effective. It felt weird at first because you feel like your grating your feet and its a scary thought but once i got the hang of it, it became addicting. (Just dont overdo it, please).  Hey its only $10, and its very convenient to use. The thing i like about it is you dont scatter your skin cells all over the room. It gets collected inside the egg shaped grater and you can empty it out later when you done. I definitely recommend it. I cant wait to use it again 😛


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