Winter is now my favorite season. Last year, I couldnt find any Uggs in my size, it was so popular and I didnt even get why. A lot of people are even syaing how ugly it was , but i was willing to give it a try but I couldnt find one. So this winter, when I saw them in the mall while window shopping, I tried to see if they have it on my size. And they did! I liked both boots and spent a long time debating which one i should get. My husband interrupted and told me he’ll pay for both. You couldnt imagine my joy at that time and now i finally knew why people love it so much (and why people are willing to pay for its ridiculously high price rather than buying the cheaper brands). It is the comfiest shoes Ive ever had in my whole life. It keeps my feet so warm when I go outside in the cold. And its very soft inside, it feels like walking on marshmallows, well not really, that’s a  bit of an exageration but what I meant is that your feet is so cushioned, that you wouldnt mind wearing these shoes for long walking ( e.g. in the outlet stores). I absolutely love them.  It looks really good with skinny jeans.



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