Clinique Bonus Gift Time

Just when I thought I was done shopping, come Bonus gift time in Clinique. I checked out their new products as well as buy different colors of my favorite items.  The Brush-on-Cream Liner is my favorite of all- Ill never use any other eyeliner except these. And by this time, I have 5 of their colors – Black, Bronze, Grey, Egyptian (greenish black) and my latest acquisition , Black Honey (dark brown). I use them everyday and its long lasting I never had to touch up on the eye part. 


One of their newest products is the High Impact Lash Curling Mascara. It promises you that you wouldnt need to use the eyelash curler. I currently use the High Impact Mascara and it gives a lot of volume, but when I tried the new one, it really does curl your lashes (it could be the bent brush or something in its formula) But it definitely works. Compared to the regular High impact mascara which still leaves my lashes sticking out straight when I skip the eyelash curler. So now I get the volume and curling effect and its waterproof. What more could I ask for.


So I’ve tried almost everything in Clinique’s “ALMOST” make up line. The Almost Powder, Almost Lipstick and Almost Make up. The idea is that it feels natural and it doesnt feel like you’re wearing make up on. So its great, I love their products because it has SPF. And now comes Almost Bronzer, haha, who would’ve thought. It comes in light/medium and medium/dark. I chose the light/medium because ive always had problems with Bronzers. The wrong color would made your face look dirty 😛 I think this product works best for me because it really looked natural. And you can layer some more if you needed more color. So my blushes will take a break this summer and the bronzer is definitely my favorite summer make up.


I have such weakness with lip glosses. I know I have more 20 active lip products and I still couldnt resist buying if I see a new one.  But this one is a freebie from Mom when I took her shopping at Clinique. I forgot my lip gloss at that time and I tried on their SuperBalm moisturizing lip gloss and I was amazed how soothing and comfortable it is on the lips. Unlike the Longlast LipGloss which tends to be stickier (coz its supposed to last longer).  So I got in Grapefruit, which is a sheer pink color. And after the gloss is gone, my lips are still supersoft. I definitely love it but I hope I dont get tempted buying the other shades.


Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15 – Their newest Moisturizer thats supposed to slow down the aging. I tried a sample from the Bonus gift and it felt great on the skin. Its not greasy and I woke up with really soft skin in the morning. Its also great under makeup. Too soon to tell if the slow aging promise is true. But I love Clinique products, I know that their products will work great on my skin.


Bonus Gift includes: 2 cosmetic bags, Dramatically Different Moisturizer, Lipstick in Rose Taffy or Ice Bloom, Blushwear Cream Stick in Glow Blush or Rose Blush, Youth Surge SF15 and Lash Doubling Mascara. This is my favorite set so far. I couldnt wait to try the cream blush.


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