Hello Kitty from MAC Cosmetics

So I went gaga over the news that MAC is coming out with these products. I waited till March when it was released and splurged on it despite of the recession of the economy. Who cares? Its Hello Kitty and I havent shopped since Christmas. Here are the things I bought:

Hello Kitty Kouture Sheey Mystery Powder

It is a mystery to me why this powder costs $90, but I bought it anyway. Its a touch up powder like blot powder but its much finer and you dont need to use much (and you wouldnt want it to run out fast). But the special thing about this product is the packaging. It is enclosed in a shiny metallic case – its quite heavy too for a powder) and its encrusted with the Swarovski crystals in the front. Its so pretty, I never thought i’d be able to use it.  I was planning on just staring at it LOL. But it comes with a refill and  a velvet bag so I’m pretty sure Ill be able to treasure it for a long time.


Hello Kitty Lipstick

I love the new shades that they came out with. They even categorized it as Wild or Mild. For the mild version, I bought ‘Cute-ster’. Its a sheer natural pink color perfect for daytime. For the wild version, I bought ‘Most Popular’ which is like a dark pink color perfect for nightime! These are the only two lipsticks I carry with me everyday. And I love the fact that they come in Lustre because it looks very sheer and natural and not too made up.


Hello Kitty Beauty Powder

Beauty powder is an all over color you put as a finishing touch. When you dont feel as glowy as you should be, this should help a lot. Its not like a shimmery highlighter and its not as pigmented as a blush. Its something in between. It comes in peach and pink color.  I bought the Baby Pink for a pinkish glow effect.


Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner

Accck!  I still have the Petting Pink and the Coral is almost brand new. But I couldnt resist. The new colors it came out with are very tempting. PinkFish is a very light Pink and Popster is a very Bright Fushcia Pink. I love them! I just have no idea how to finish all four of them (along with 20 other lip products from other brands) LOL



One Response to “Hello Kitty from MAC Cosmetics”

  1. hint! hint! from roger…sister-in-law kuno was asking me about it so i don’t know if she got for me.

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