Clinique Haul

Summer is a good time to update your make up bag. Since you wont need much cover up in the summer, the sheerest make up is the way to go. You dont want all that makeup melting after sitting under the sun for a few minutes. So id like to keep in minimal. My routine includes: A good SPF moisturizer ( Youth Surge) or a tinted moisturizer (Moisture Sheer Tint),  a light loose powder (Blended Face Powder), Almost Bronzer for that summer look, Eyeliner (brush-on cream liner) and Mascara (Lash Curling Mascara) and Lip gloss or lipstick. Eyeshadow is optional, I use Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Cocoa Shimmer when I go to work.

clq_6NGK_250I love this moisturizer. It promises a youthful skin while protecting it from sun damages. Its great under makeup and its not greasy when you put on. I realized I don’t need the anti aging products for wrinkles and fine lines. (maybe down the road – like 2 decades later). But I do need something that will slow down that process. And their slogan is pretty catchy “Unless you’re in a hurry to look 40”. I’m certainly not, so I’m a big fan of this product and Ive been using it for 2 months now.

clinique sheer

It was a bit tricky to find the right color for liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers because we change colors as the season changes. But since this is a sheer product, the medium color is just right. I love the fact that this product stays on all day and it gives you that polished look as if you used primer, foundation, powder.  It has a slight funny smell, other than that, I love this product as well.d_200902_concealers_img

All about eyes concealer combines the eye cream and a concealer. It depuffs and helps eliminate the dark circles under the eyes while it covers up the existing flaws. Its very moisturizing so I use it on other areas where needed. clq_6362_250

This is the lightest, finest powder I’ve used.  I was just not too sure about the shade because I couldnt tell the difference and I tend to have a darker shade in the summer. But I love this product as well.  It controls the oiliness in my tzone area and it feels natural and light on the skin. It doesnt even feel like youre wearing powder.  clq_617G_250

My two favorite colors are Rose Taffy(Reddish Pink) and Think Bronze (Goldish Nude color).


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