Sometimes I still go back to drug store products for my everyday stuff. These are the latest things Im crazy about and you dont even have to rob a bank or go in debt to afford them.


Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel – Love love love love this product! I can’t imagine how I survived all these summers without it. It soothes your skin after you’ve been exposed to the sun. Its very cool and moisturizing on the skin. It smells great and I cant wait until the next time I go to a beach or a car show event so I can put this on again.300ek

Clean and Clear Steam In Shower Facial – Instead of using  my regular face scrub in the shower,  I use this product. You put this on your face and wait for one minute until the steam from the shower activates the tingling sensation and then you scrub. It exfoliates really good and I know they recommend to use this 2-3 times a week but I feel like using it daily. My skin gets really soft after the shower and my husband even loves using this as well.Neutrogena_Comforting_Butter_Hand_Cream-resized200

Neutrogena Comforting Butter Hand Cream – I wash my hands a lot and due to the recent Swine flu outbreak, I have gotten into the habit of using hand sanitizers every chance I get. I wash the dishes daily too and the next thing I know my hands are getting dry and starting to look like grandma’s hands. Ive used a lot of hand creams, but I get bored with those fragrant creams that only keeps my hands moiturized for a little while. But this hand cream from Neutogena is what im crazy about. It has the shea butter formula so it smells delicious and it keeps my hand really soft until the next time I wash my hands. It gets absorbed easily and its never greasy. This is one of the products that migrates from one bag to another and I bring it everywhere I go.


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