Bikram Yoga

I started doing bikram yoga around November 2009. A friend introduced me into it and I definitely liked it. Its a good workout for the body (yes, i was sweating a lot) and I found that it helped relieve stress in the middle of the busy week. And of course, in everything I do in life, shopping would always play a big part.

I bought my yoga mat at Sports Authority for $30. Its by Nike and I wished there were more colors available but they only had pink or grey. I guess I was in the pink mode that day. Nothing special, all yoga mats look the same to me. I wish I bought a cheaper one with a better design.

I bought Yoga pants from Victoria’s secret from their pink collection for $29. Then it went on sale a week later for $19.  I wore it a couple of times. Its very comfy and when you order, it gives you the choice of the length of the pants so it was a perfect fit.

Of all the things i bought, this was my proudest. I love this yoga mat bag. Its from and it was on sale for $9 plus free shipping during the Black Friday after thanksgiving. I was so happy when I bought it. It also has a nice yoga mat but I didnt need it. It was the same yoga mat used by Scarlett Johanssen in the movie “Hes just not into you.” The design itself  is very unique, its unlike every other yoga mat bag you see out there. The pockets are very roomy and it fits all my necessary stuff like towel and water bottle. But the thing I like most about this is that its zippered all around. Most yoga bags only has a tie opening on the top and I realized its very hard to insert a yoga mat inside, but this one does it with ease. So I love it. Maybe someday I’ll buy the mat that matches it 😛

Bikram yoga requires you to have a towel over your mat. Because you sweat a lot and it helps your hands and feet to grip when doing certain positions. I bought Yogitoes Skidless Towels for $29. These towels are waaayy to expensive (some were $60) but what makes it special is the tiny silicone grips that sticks over the yoga mat for better grip.  So you wont be slipping and sliding when your feet is over your head. I bought a pink one because it matches my mat. And it was the only one available at the time i went to the store.


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