Christmas Gifts

I have been so spoiled this Christmas. To the point i felt like I almost do not deserve it.

My mom gave me an Express gift card so I bought this Bluish purple belted wool coat. I decided to get a unique color because I got so tired with wearing black in the winter time. And I guess Im still in my purple phase. I love this coat despite me becoming a lint magnet. The lining is a leopard print and im not too crazy about that. I look very professional in it and its also warm at the same time. Original price was $168. I got it for $79 with my discounts.


My husband gave me a Pink Toshiba Netbook because my old laptop was dying. I did ask for it so it wasnt much of a suprise. The surprise was it came in a Louis Vuitton Box which confused the hell out of me, but it was a good laugh trip when I saw the netbook. So far I love it. Its very light to carry around. It may not have the full features of a laptop but it definitely does what I need to be done. Like blogging, facebooking and paying bills (boohoo)!

And what made this Christmas extra special is when my mother in law gave me my very first Louis Vuitton. I got a Speedy 30 Damier Azure and I love it. I have used it so many times already in the last month and I totally get why the original is worth buying. It matches everything I wear, from Casual to Professional to Party wear. I just had to  put a cardboard inside to keep the shape of the bag so it wont sag when I put my stuff  in. Thanks to my family, this christmas is definitelya memorable one.


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